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The Isle of Wight Avengers is a proud Camp in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of
each month at 6:30 at the Carrollton Ruritan Club.
See our Calendar below. 


"He who forgets his ancestors is unworthy
to be remembered by his descendants!"



Our purpose is to fulfill the
Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought;
to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship
of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved
and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that
the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General
United Confederate Veterans
New Orleans, Louisiana 1906

Confederate Monument ~ IOW Courthouse


February 12, 2019:  The Camp had a nice turnout to honor the life of Private Mills Edward Britt.
Dale Nichols, a local author, spoke to the Camp on his latest book, "HURRAH for Georgia", the story of the 38th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment.
Dale Nichols has many ancestors who served in the War of Aggression including his GGG Grandfather who served in the 38th Georgia Volunteer Infantry.  

Commander Ed Whitley spoke to the Camp's membership about the life and military career of Mills E. Britt.  He enlisted in the 7th Bn., Co. F, 61st Virginia Infantry in 1861 at Beaver Dam, Isle of Wight.
Without such brave soldiers as Pvt. Britt, the Isle of Wight Avengers, SCV Camp would not exist!  Cdr. Whitley asked past Commanders, Keith Morris and Tony Griffin to assist as he presented early pictures of
Mills Britt to REAL GRANDSONS compatriots Frank Hall and Earl Hall.  Our Camp is honored to have such fine gentlemen in our Camp carrying on the legacy of their grandfather.

Cdr. Ed Whitley then presented Compatriots Frank & Earl Hall with National SCV Certificates to recognize them as REAL GRANDSONS.

Commander Ed Whitley was so happy and proud to present REAL GRANDSON medals to brothers Frank and Earl Hall!

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is all about honoring our ancestors. The Avengers Camp did exactly that this evening by remembering Private Mills Edward Britt and two of his grandsons!

2nd Lt. Cdr. Richard Jenkins and his wife, Connie, were happy to announce their 37th wedding anniversary.

Reed Lundy and Matt Abbott visited the Avengers Camp.  Welcome!


January 8, 2019:  Ed Whitley's first meeting as Camp Commander.
2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis helped the Camp start off the New Year with a cake he brought to our monthly buffet.

Jeff Toalson, Past Cdr. of the James City Cavalry Camp #2095, was tonight's speaker.  He told us of his journey of the last 15 years while edititing several books.
His latest is I Got Nuthin Strange To Rite consisting of letters to and from Confederate soldiers and their families. Cdr. Ed Whitley is showed greeting Jeff, who was also accompanied
by friends from the James City Camp--incoming Cdr. Jerry Thompson and Past Cdr. Ken Parsons.

Trent Butler was inducted this evening by Cdr. Ed Whitley and Lt. Cdr. Raymond Groves. Congratulations to Trent!



December 11, 2018:  An Evening of Festivities, Feasting, Celebrations, Awards, and Inductions.
Susan Carraway was our Christmas speaker who gave a very interesting presentation by reading "A Confederate Christmas" by Rose W. Frye.

Commander Tony Griffin presented Brett Griffin (left) and Ed Whitley (right) with certificates of Meritorious Service and medals!

2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis graciously donated and presented Poinsettias to Myrna Sharon and Joan Jones for all the support they provide the Avengers Camp throughout the year.
Tommy also donated a Norfolk Pine for our monthly door prize.

1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas was nominated for the position of Camp Historian, then elected by the membership, and inducted by Camp Cdr. Tony Griffin.  The Brigade Commander
then called upon the Camp's new slate of officers to be inducted for the new term.  From left to right--Richard Jenkins, 2nd Lt. Cdr.; Brett Griffin, Color Sgt.; Tommy Davis, 2nd Lt. Cdr.;
Tony Griffin, Adjutant, Clarence E. "Ed" Whitley, Commander; Raymond Groves, 1st Lt. Cdr.; Tom Conley, Chaplain; and David Cockes, Librarian.
Congratulations to one and all!

Tony Griffin officially passed the Camp's gavel to Ed Whitley after a full decade of service to the Avengers as our Commander!

Keith Morris had the distinct honor of presenting Tony with a plaque commenorating Tony's 10 years of service.
It was impossible to list the Commander's many achievements.

2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis surprised the entire Camp by presenting a most generous check to the outgoing Commander to be applied to the Camp's Building Fund.
The gift is very much needed, and was gratefully accepted.  Tommy's spirit is so contagious!

Ed Whitley addressed the membership to thank them for electing him Camp Commander.  He commented on Tony's long tenure, and his example to follow.
For the first time, Commander Whitley closed a Camp meeting!

December 8, 2018:  Camp Cdr.-elect Ed Whitley, Past Cdr. Keith Morris, and 1st Brigade Cdr. Tommy Thomas (all of the Isle of Wight Avengers Camp) visited the
casement at Fort Monroe where President Jefferson Davis was imprisoned after the Late Struggle.  Ladies of the Bethel Chapter, U.D.C., were
Charlene Mullins (who portrayed Mrs. Varina Davis), Chapter Pres. Christine Gergely, and Elaine Campbell.


The 1st Brigade, Virginia Division, SCV held a meeting on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the Carrsville Ruritan Club.  We were so proud that so many Avengers showe up to share ideas with other Camps as well as the Division Commander, Johnny Neville.  Shown from left to right are Commander-elect Ed Whitley, Commander Tony Griffin, Color Sgt. Bret Griffin,
1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas (also an Avenger), Brennan Thomas, past Commander Keith Morris, and in front, Peggy Thomas.



This post card is by courtesy of Commander John A. Sharrett, III of the Stonewall Camp #380.
The post mark on the back is dated June 21, 1907.


Current Virginia Division Officers

New Virginia Division officers for the 2016 - 2018 term BRIGADE COMMANDERS
Commander - John T. "Johnny" Neville
1st Brigade - Tommy Thomas
1st Lt. Cmdr. - Fred Chiesa 2nd Brigade - Andrew Bennett Morehead
2nd Lt. Cmdr. - Donald J. "Jimmy" Easter 3rd Brigade - Carter T. Gill
Inspector - Bob Shirley, Jr. 4th Brigade - Richard A. Moomaw
Adjutant - Willian T. "Ted" Crockett 5th Brigade -
Treasurer - William J. "Bill" Graham, III 6th Brigade - W.A. (Bill) Dennison, Jr.
Quartermaster - Ronald T. "Ron" Graves 7th Brigade - W.B. (Bill) Crews
Chaplain - Pastor John Collins  
Archivist - Travis Toombs  
Heritage Defense Coordinator - B. Frank Earnest
Past Division Commander - L. Tracy Clary
Past Division Commander - Anthony "Tony" M. Griffin

Avengers Camp Calendar of Future Events


Our monthly meetings are usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, but meeting dates may change due to holidays or extreme weather conditions at the discretion of the Commander..  We also do not meet in July or August because so many of our members like to take summer vacations.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, 2019
at the Carrollton Ruritan club house.

The Virginia Division web site is now at

For a more complete listing of events in Isle of Wight County, see:

Confederate Signal Corps (form to subscribe)

March 2 Confederate Flag Day

March 9- 10:00 AM - Cleanup at Hollywood Cemetery Confederate Section-
Richmond, Virginia

March 12 Camp Meeting

April 6 - 11:00 AM- Memorial Service for U.D.C Member Betty Ann Hart,
wife of compatriot Lee Hart) Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suffolk, Virginia

April 9 Camp Meeting

April 13 - Courtland Down Home Day - Courtland Virginia

April 26-28 - Virginia Division Convention - Colonial Heights,
Virginia ( I have the Registration Forms)

May- Memorial Day services- Dates and locations to be announced as I get them

June 23- 28- Sam Davis Youth Camp- Mullens, South Carolina

July 10- 13 - National S.C.V Comvention / Reunion- Mobile, Alabama

August 7 - 10 Franklin-Southampton County Fair- Southampton County
Agriculture/Fairgrounds Center, Virginia

September 7-Courtland Heritage Day- Courtland, Virginia

October 5 - Franklin Fall Festival- Franklin, Virginia



I salute the Flag of Virginia with reverence
and patriotic devotion to the "Mother of
States and Statesmen" which it represents -
the "Old Dominion" where Liberty and
Independence were born.

-- Written by Mrs. Cassye Gravely, UDC


I salute the Confederate flag with affection,
reverence and undying devotion to the
cause for which it stands.  Amen.




Clarence E. "Ed" Whitley December 12, 2018 present
Anthony "Tony" M. Griffin December 3, 2008 December 11, 2018
M. Keith Morris, Jr. September 27, 2006 December 2, 2008





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