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The Avengers Camp is now offering its 7th annual scholarships
for June, 2018 graduating high school seniors.
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The Isle of Wight Avengers is a proud Camp in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of
each month at 6:30 at the Carrollton Ruritan Club.
See our Calendar below. 


"He who forgets his ancestors is unworthy
to be remembered by his descendants!"



Our purpose is to fulfill the
Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought;
to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship
of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved
and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that
the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General
United Confederate Veterans
New Orleans, Louisiana 1906

Confederate Monument ~ IOW Courthouse


October 3, 2017
Susan Carraway, President of the Suffolk Chapter of the UDC, spoke to the Avengers about Sarah Rice Pryor who was married to Confederate
Gen. Roger Pryor.  After the War, the couple moved to NYC where she wrote 2 books arguing that TWBTS not not fought over the preservation of slavery.
Past Commander Keith Morris presented a "Last Roll" plaque to honor and remember those Avengers who have passed on. May they never be forgotten.

Myrna Sharon and Sandy Cleary were present to view the plaque.

Commander Griffin received the plaque on behalf of the Camp.
During the business session of the meeting, Commander Griffin spoke about the Confederate monuments in Virginia and upcoming SCV events.


September 5, 2017

During the opening ceremonies of tonight's Camp meeting, Chaplain Tom Conley lit the Camp candle in remembrance of Compatriot John Brendan Cleary who
passed away last week.  Brendan will always be missed by the membership who held him in such high esteem. We will always keep him in our hearts.


Teresa Roane was our very special guest speaker this evening.  She began her presentation with prepared notes about WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO PRESERVE CONFEDERATE MEMORIALS AND MONUMENTS.
 But once she was asked a couple of questions, she went off script and really gave us her opinions and spoke of past personal experiences regarding this subject. She was interrupted quite a few times with cheers and applause.
Because this entire matter is currently overwhelming the local, state, and national news, our meeting was covered by a representative of the Smithfield Times who took copious notes.  



August 22, 2017.  Even before a lone assasin murdered 9 parishoners in a South Carolina church, there has been a "movement" to ban Confederate
flags, monuments, statues, and to even rename schools, streets, military bases, etc.  And so, this climate has focused its attention on Isle of Wight
County.  At the last Board of Supervisors meeting, a speaker expressed her desire that our monument be removed, perhaps to a private location.

In the interim, there has been a lot of discussion among Camp members and other citizens of the County.  A huge question being raised is "what would happen to the actual land where the monument currently stands if the monument is actually moved?".  

The answer to this question perhaps can be found within the deed itself.  You will probably be amazed!

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May 27,2017

Commander Tony Griffin presented $500 scholarships to William A. Keyt and Amber N. Edwards.  Both are recent honor graduates
from the Isle of Wight Academy.  These are the 6th annual awards from the Isle of Wight Avengers Camp #14, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

From left to right: Darlene Keyt, mother of William Keyt, Commander Griffin, Amber Edwards, and her parents Chris and Cynthia Edwards.

William Keyt has been accepted to University of Virginia where he will major in Biomedical Engineering with a future goal of becoming an
orthopedic surgeon.

Amber Edwards will major in both Interior Design and Business Management at Virginia Tech. Upon graduation, Miss Edwards wants to open her own interior design company.

Camp Commander Tony Griffin, Amber Edwards, William Keyt, and Keith Morris (Chairman) just after the presentation of the scholarships checks.

Commander Griffin thanked and congratulated David Adams of Smithfield for a wonderful slide presentation about the
Virginia Military Institute's cadets' service in the Battle of New Market and the related campaign.



May 27,2017
 Members of the Avengers Camp met at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Smithfield to attend the Confederate Memorial Service hosted by the Smithfield Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Notice the wreath on the left which was presented by the ladies to the UDC monument dedicated in 1916.
From left to right are Dan Lewandowski, Tom Conley, Cdr. Tony Griffin, Brett Griffin, Ed Whitley, Buddy Jones, Keith Morris, and Frank Hall.

The ladies of the U.D.C. who hosted today's Confederate Memorial Service: Karen Griggs, Pat Hall, Linda Conley, Joan Jones, and Marilyn Curtin..


Saturday, May 20:  Volunteers from the Avengers Camp worked at Central Hill Cemetery to install and paint new Iron Crosses which the Camp had
purchased.  Others were straightend and painted.  All Crosses were reinforced with concrete as needed.
From left to right:  Brett Griffin, Tom Conley, Tommy Thomas, Ed Whitley, Keith Morris, Tony Griffin, Danny Johnson, and Buddy Jones.


May 2 , 2017
Virginia Division Commander Tony Griffin presented Division Meritorious Awards to many members of the Camp.

Past 1st Lt. Commander Buddy Jones, III

Past 1st Lt. Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas, III

Color Sgt. Brett Griffin (received 2)

Past Commander Keith Morris, Jr.

Adjutant Eddie Whitley

The Commander also presented Comaptriot Dwight Doggett with a gift from the Camp for contributing so much to our buffet!

Not pictured is Past Chaplain Frank Sharon who was home sick.


April 4, 2017
Commander Tony Griffin decided that our meeting this evening would be devoted to business aspects of the Camp including news about dues, the forthcoming Virginia Division Convention, and many other upcoming events.  He allowed a lot of time for questions, discussions, and suggestions.


Pictures from earlier this year can be found at


This post card is by courtesy of Commander John A. Sharrett, III of the Stonewall Camp #380.
The post mark on the back is dated June 21, 1907.


Current Virginia Division Officers

New Virginia Division officers for the 2016 - 2018 term BRIGADE COMMANDERS
Commander - Tony Griffin 1st Brigade -
1st Lt. Cmdr. - Edwin Ray 2nd Brigade -
2nd Lt. Cmdr. - Johnny Neville 3rd Brigade -
Inspector - Bob Shirley, Jr. 4th Brigade -
Adjutant - Greg Mays 5th Brigade -
Treasurer - Bill Graham 6th Brigade -
Quartermaster - Ron Moore 7th Brigade -
Chaplain - Fred Chiesa  
Archivist - Russ Edwards  
Heritage Defense Coordinator - B. Frank Earnest
Past Division Commander - L. Tracy Clary
Past Division Commander - J. Michael Pullen

Avengers Camp Calendar of Future Events


Our monthly meetings are usually on the 1st Tuesday of each month, but meeting dates may change due to holidays, extreme weather conditions, or if the club house is being used as a polling place in November.  We also do not meet in July or August because so many of our members like to take summer vacations.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5, 2017
at the Carrollton Ruritan club house.


Gettysburg Virginia Monument 10 June 2017 11-1 Gettysburg Battlefield, Pa.


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I salute the Flag of Virginia with reverence
and patriotic devotion to the "Mother of
States and Statesmen" which it represents -
the "Old Dominion" where Liberty and
Independence were born.

-- Written by Mrs. Cassye Gravely, UDC


I salute the Confederate flag with affection,
reverence and undying devotion to the
cause for which it stands.  Amen.




Anthony M. Griffin December 3, 2008 present
M. Keith Morris, Jr. September 27, 2006 December 2, 2008





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