Pictures from 2021

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December 14, 2021: Our Christmas Dinner.
Marilyn Iglesias was our very special guest speaker. She brought a slide presentation to talk about "Magnolias and Muskets, which detailed many of the sacrifices
women had to make during the War.  She is the President of the Captain Sally Tompkins Chapter of the U.D.C. in Matthews

This evening was our Christmas dinner meeting, hosted by Mrs. Joan Jones.  We had a great meal with lots of options, and many desserts!
We also had lots of visitors to help us enjoy the festivities.


November 9, 2021

Randolph Barlowe visited our Camp to inform us that the Board of Supervisors is thinking about tearing down the Waterworks Dam and draining the associated Lake.

Lee Pelton was our guest speaker. He gave a great presentation of "The Battle of Galveston".

2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis presented Cdr. Whitley a very large donation to the Avengers' Building Fund.


November 6, 2021:  Monument Rededication
The Monument to Confederate Dead was dedicated at its new location on Rt. 258 near Walters, VA.
An estimated 250 people attended, some from North Carolina, and our guest speaker from Kenesaw Mountain, GA.
All ages were also represented, from young children to a lady who is 97, as well as from many SCV Camps.


Those on the stage today were Volpe Boykin, Co-Director of the Isle of Wight Monument and Memorial Association, Tom Conley, Chaplain of the Isle of Wight Avengers,
Johnny T. Neville, Commander of the Virginia Division SCV, Karen Grigg, President of the the IOW Chapter of the U.D.C,, Commander Ed Whitley of the IOW Cmap,
Fred Taylor, Board Member of the Isle of Wight Monument Monument and Memorial Association, and Dr. Brian Wills, the Keynote Speaker.
Pictured is Cdr. Ed Whitley delivering his comments

Volpe Boykin, Ed Whitley, and Tom Conley

Ed Whitley, Andrew Moorehead, and Frank Earnest

Cake at the buffet table where great barbeque was served after the ceremonies.

The back of the Monument


October 12, 2021
Lindsay Jones was our guest speaker this evening. He gave a detailed report on the Barron family beginning with Captain Samuel Barron ( 1690-1757),
down to Lt.(CSN) Samuel Barron (1836-1892), and the family's service to this area.

Cdr. Tony Griffin, who serves on the Virginia Division Executive Council, presented a Certificate to Danny Johnson.
Notice Lt. Cdr. Richard Jenkins in the middle. He filled in as Commander this evening because Cdr. Ed Whitley was visiting
another camp in his capacity as Brigade Commander.


September 14, 2021:  The Camp's 15th Chartering Ceremony
Cdr. Frank Earnest (dark suit) was the Commander of the Virginia Division in 2006 when Keith Morris (right) brought him an application for a new camp in Isle of Wight County.  
This evening was the 15th anniversary of the Avengers chartering with 9 members.  Only Cdr. Keith Morris and Mark Fielding remain in the Camp.  
Cdr. Ed Whitley (blue coat) invited Frank to be our guest speaker. Cdr. Earnest is currently known as Mr. Everything due to the many offces he has held in his own camp, the Virginia Division, and the National SCV. Frank is currently the Division Heritage Defense Coordinator.  He spoke of our chartering and our many accomplishments over the years.

Cdr. Whitley honored Cdr. Earnest by asking him to present awards to the members awarded by the Division which just held a convention.  Cdr. Tony Griffin received 4 awards,
Other recipients, sometimes with multiple certificates, were Color Sgt. Brett Griffin , 2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis, Cdr. Keith Morris, Frank Hall, Buddy Jones,
Cdr. Ed Whitley, and to the Camp as a whole.

Also shown in this picture are Keith Morris (Charter Commander), Cdr. Tony Griffin ( gray shirt) as our 2nd Commander, and Ed Whitley who is our current Commander.
All 4 of us pictured have served on the VA Division Executive Council. Cdr. Ed Whitley was recently elected as the 10th Brigade Commander and serves on the DEC.


August 26, 2021
The Isle of Wight Monument to Confederate Dead was erected at its new site on PRIVATE land on Rt. 258 in Walters.
The soldier is standing proudly!


The Avengers Camp will NOT meet in July and August for personal vacations.
June 1, 2021:  Scholarships and Monuments

Joseph Barrett Ferguson and Nicholas Kyle AHanna, both graduating seniors from Smithfield High School, received this year's Camp Scholarship awards. They each read their
essays to the Camp before Scholarship Committe Chairman Tom Conley and Camp Commander Ed Whitley presented them with their checks!


Our very special speaker this month was Volpe Boykin, Commander of the Urquhart-Gillette Camp #1741.
He explained how recent laws are causing so many statues and monuments to be moved or
torn down. Volpe also explained exactly what the most recent news is about the Isle of Wight Monument
to Confederate Dead as well as in nearby cities and counties.


May 11, 2021

Mrs. Cookie Batten was our guest speaker for the evening.  She is a member of the Isle of Wight UDC Chapter, with the office of Recorder for Military Service Awards.
Cookie is also the President and Charter member of the Dixie Rangers, Order of the Confederate Rose Chapter 9, Suffolk.

Cookie spoke to us about the origins of Mother's Day which first began in 1907 by Ann Jarvis in honor of her own mother.


May 8, 2021:  The Isle of Wight Monument to CONFEDERATE DEAD is moved.

David White's Crane Service was hired to move the Monument.

It was a tedious process for Mr. White and his crew to set up the cranes so that the Monument could be moved with great care.

The soldier is lifted from the top of the Monument and lowered to a trailer.

The soldier is now loaded onto a trailer which will take it to its new location where it will continue to honor the 800 men from Isle of Wight County who gave their

Well after the Monument was moved, flags were placed on the site where the Monument had stood for 116 years to honor those 800 soldiers killed in the War of Northern Aggression.
Picture taken from the WAVY-TV Twitter site.



May 1, 2021:  
A solemn occasion.  This Isle of Wight Monument to Confederate Dead was errected in May, 1905.  Some of the Avengers Camp decided to have their picture taken in May, 2021!



April 23, 2021

Susan Carraway, accompanied by her husbard Scott, spoke to the Avengers about Scott's Confederate family concentrating on Private Benajan Caraway.  Benajah was
16 when he enlisted in Greene County in 1862.  She also touched on Scott's other family members who served the great state of North Carolina.  We always appreciate
Susan and Scott for coming to our meetings and consider them a part of our family.


March 9, 2021:  Our first meeting of the year!
Commander John Sharrett of the Stonewall Camp #380 was our featured guest speaker.  He gave a very interesting program on the "History & Destruction of the Portsmouth Monument".