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December 8, 2020:  The Camp's Annual Christmas Dinner.

Special "Thanks" go out to Thelma Cockes and Joan Jones who worked so hard to organize this dinner and make it a complete success!
They worked on the menu, table decorations, door prizes, and so much more.

Past Virginia Division Commander (among his very many titles) was our guest speaker. Confederate Frank spoke to us about many things about President Jefferson Davis that most
people don't know.  As is his custom, this knowledgeable gentleman spoke mostly without notes.

As part of our meeting, we all were given the opportunity to place an ornament on the Christmas tree (all supplied by the Commander).  As we did so, we "lit" the candle, and spoke of
our individual Confederate ancestors.  The final result was spectacular.

Mrs. Myrna Sharon has organized our Christmas dinners for many years.  During the year, she has moved far from our Camp meeting place.  
But this year, she was invited at our special request.  Close to the end of the meeting, Commander Ed Whitley presented her with a plaque
to show the Camp's appreciation for her devoted service.

We enjoyed a nice turnout for this Christmas holiday dinner, but the below pictures don't show everyone.  We were trying to keep "social distancting" during this awful Covid-19 pandemic.


November 10 , 2020:  The Camp met at Main Street Restaurant for election & induction of officers.
Commander Ed Whitley organized this meeting with help from many compatriots because the Ruritan Club House suddenly developed problems with the HVAC

Katherine Starbuck, President of the Grandchildren of the Confederacy, spoke to the Avengers this evening.

Camp Chaplain Tom Conley was our special Guest Speaker. His program was "As God is My Witness" which was a working title for the novel and movie

"Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.  Tom supplied us with a handout, asked us a lot of trivia questions, and gave a lot of follow-up information
about the author, the novel, and the movie.

Officers for the 2021 - 2022 term were elected by the membership and then sworn in by Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas.
From left to right are:
Chaplain Tom Conley, Lt. Commander Richard Jenkins, 2nd Lt. Commander David Cockes, Commander Ed Whitley, Adjutant Tony Griffin,
Color Sgt. Britt Griffin, and 2nd Lt. Commander Tommy Davis.  
Congratulations to them all.


October 27, 2020:  The Camp's trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Standing in front of the Virginia Memorial.
front row- Richard &Connie Jenkins, Keith Morris, Pat & Frank Hall, Linda & Tom Conley, Joan and Buddy Jones 2nd row- Randy Drauis, Earl Hall, Eddie & Jo Whitley

Buddy Jones in 1975

                                                                      Buddy Jones in 2020

The location of where Gen. Lewis Armistead fell in battle. This site is known as the "high water mark" of Pickett's Charge.

Looking down at a group of rocks known as "Devil's Den" from the vantage point of Little Round Top.



September 8, 2020:  All About Fredericksburg!
Our Camp Chaplain invited his friend, Mr. Mike D;Ostillo and his wife Marietta, to complete their presentation on "The Pontoon Bridges Over the Rapahannock". This was the second of a 2-part series which had been delayed by the Corona-19 Virus pandemic.  The lecture concerned Gen. Burnside's efforts to build pontoon bridges so that the City of Fredericksburg could be captured.  Mike included many maps and pictures to illustrate his lecture. His wife operated the computer to make everything flow effortlessly.  Mr. D'Ostillo served in the Army for 25 years and is training to conduct tours of Fredericksburg.
Chaplain Tom Conley introduced Mr. Mike D'Ostillo.
Commander Ed Whitley thanked Mike D'Ostillo for a wonderful presentation.  There is a possibility that the Camp may visit Mike next year for a tour of Fredericksburg.

During the Business session of our meeting, Camp officers were nominated for the 2021-2022 years.


August 11, 2020:  An Evening of Awards
Our Camp Chaplain, Tom Conley, also serves as the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.  He introduced the 3 award recipients this evening.

Ed Whitley and Chairman Tom Conley presented JROTC Cadet Sergeant Raven Towns with the H. L. Hunley Award certificate and medal.  
She has already been promoted to Lieutenant for next year at Smithfield High School.

Phillip Lee Bowden has recently graduated from the Isle of Wight Academy, and will be attending James Madison University next year.  His intended major is Sports Medicince.
Cdr. Ed Whitley presented him with the Camp's scholarship check and a small gift for his hard work in his studies.

Taylor Whitley Fitchett recently graduated from Smithfield High School and plans to attend VA Tech next year to study Business Management.
Cdr. Whitley proudly presented her with a scholarship check.


The Avengers Camp did not hold any meetings in April, May, June, or July, 2020 due to the Corona Virus pandemic.


March 10, 2020:
Aide de Camp Danny Johnson introduced our guest speaker for the evening--Cdr. Tony Griffin is the Camp's current Adjutant, past Commander, and past Division Commander.
Commander Tony Griffin updated the membership on legal and legislative issues with Confederate Monuments as well as an update on the forthcoming Virginia Division Convention.


February 11, 2020:  Special Visitor, Ms. Teresa Roane

Ms. Teresa Roane is shown here visiting with her financee, Eric. She spoke to us about her own black Confederate ancescestor, George Washington.
Other topics included Black History as well as Confederate Monuments including those in Richmond.

Matt Abbitt (visited for the 3rd time) with Commander Ed Whitley, Librarian David Cockes, and his father-in-law Bill Garrett. They are all loosely related.



January 14, 2020: The Beginning of our 15th Year
2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis brought a cake to our buffet to help us celebrate the new year in style. We all wish him good health as he continues to visit his doctors.
Scott and Susan Carraway were the main feature of the meeting as Susan discussed the life and career of Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury, and together,
they performed "Going Home" from the movie "Gods and Generals".





This post card is by courtesy of Commander John A. Sharrett, III of the Stonewall Camp #380.
The post mark on the back is dated June 21, 1907.




I salute the Flag of Virginia with reverence
and patriotic devotion to the "Mother of
States and Statesmen" which it represents -
the "Old Dominion" where Liberty and
Independence were born.

-- Written by Mrs. Cassye Gravely, UDC


I salute the Confederate flag with affection,
reverence and undying devotion to the
cause for which it stands.  Amen.




Clarence E. "Ed" Whitley December 12, 2018 present
Anthony "Tony" M. Griffin December 3, 2008 December 11, 2018
M. Keith Morris, Jr. September 27, 2006 December 2, 2008





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