Pictures from 2022

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December 6, 2022:
           Our Christmas celebration, Awards, and Installation of officers.

Commander Ed Whitley gave each guest and visitor the opportunity to hang an ornament, light a candle, and to speak about his or her Confederate ancestor.
The end result was a beautiful Christmas tree.

Commander Whitley awarded plaques of Appreciation to various compatriots who have worked in the background to help the Camp.
Keith Morris
Buddy and Joan Jones
Dwight Doggett
Frank Hall

Virginia Division Commander Tony Griffin inducted the Camp's new slate of officers for the 2023-2024 term.
Essentially, they are the current officers except that our new Aid de Camp is Pete Marsh and Buddy Jones has taken over as Librarian.

Newly installed Ed Whitley as Commander for his 3rd term then inducted Tony Griffin as the Camp's Adjutant and Treasurer.


November 1, 2022
Our guest speaker tonight was our own Camp Chaplain Tom Conley. He spoke to us about "Declaration of Dependance on God".
Camp Elections
Also on November 1, Commander Ed Whitley held elections for Camp officers for the 2023-2024 term.
All current officers were reelected with the exception of Aide de Camp Danny Johnson who delined to run
Pete Marsh was elected in Danny's place.


October 11, 2022:

The Avengers were honored to host 7 visiting compatriots from 4 local Camps. We recognize and thank them for their service:

13th Virginia Mechanized Cavalry Camp #9
Mike Armistead

Magruder - Ewell Camp #99
Gary Books
Bryan Dunn
Mike Pearce

Stonewall Camp #380
Shane Reason

James City Cavalry Camp #2095
Ken Parsons
Jeff Toalson

The Magruder-Ewell Camp were selling Confederate prints as a fund raiser. Some of them are shown next to David Cockes below.
David received a National Meritorious Medal and certificate from Virginia Division Commander Tony Griffin.
Commander Jeff Toalson presented the Avengers with a donation for our Isle of Wight Monument to the Confederate Dead. It was gratefully received by Cdr. Ed Whitley.


September 18, 2022:  

The Gate to the Confederate Dead Monument has been installed!
Many thanks to Cdr. Lee Hart of the Tom Smith Camp #1702 for his hard work and dedication to this project, and
to all the others who gave of their time and energy to help.


September 13, 2022
Mr. Mike Block of Orange County drove down here to speak to us on the subject, "...A prospect of striking a blow".  This was regarding Gen. Lee and Gen. Jackson
on the defence of Richmond during July and August of 1862.  Mike also had a slide show to illustrate the subject.

10th Brigade Commander Ed Whitley presented the National Distinguished Service Medal to Virginia Division Commander Tony Griffin.  Tony then presented the same medal to Ed.

Tony Griffin presented Color Sergeant Brett Griffin with the National Commendation Medal.

Tony Griffin presented Buddy Jones with the National Meritorious Medal.

Tony presented Frank Hall ( left), and Dwight Doggett (right) with the National Meritorious Medal.

Tony presented Virginia Division Archivist Pete Marsh with the National Commendation Medal.


August 30, 2022:  
The brick columns at the Confederate Monument to the Dead have been installed.  
The actual date of completion is uncertain.  
We are now waiting for the gate to be installed between
the columns.  They are now in the final phase of being hand built.


This advertisement ran in the Smithfield Times for a week in July, 2021


June 7:  Scholarships Awarded
Mrs. Billie Earnest, guest speaker, spoke on the family of General George Pickett.

Chaplain Tom Conley, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, introduced this year's recipients.

Miss Grace Chappell received her scholarship from Commander Ed Whitley.  She then read her essay to the Camp.

Miss Neelie Harris received her scholarship from the Cdr. and read her essay.

Commander Frank Earnest, Virginia Division Heritage Defense Coordinator, presented Cdr. Ed Whitley with the Heritage Defense Award.

Many Camp members received certificates from Virginia Defense Coordinator Frank Earnest assisted by Camp Commander Ed Whitley.

Compatriot Pete Marsh received the Virginia Division Guardianship Award.

Lt. Commander Richard Jenkins (l) and Charter Cdr. Keith Morris (r) received the Virginia Division Meritorious Award.

Aide-de-Camp Danny Johnson received the Virginia Division Distinguished Service Award.


May 10, 2022:   Cdr. Frank Earnest, the Virginia Division Heritage Defense Coordinator, was the guest speaker this evening.
Commander Earnest spoke to the Avengers about the Confederate Navy in general.


Cdr. Tony Griffin, the new Virginia Division Commander, administered the oath of office to Frank as he continues in his position as the Heritage Defense Coordinator.

Division Cdr. Tony Griffin, with the assistance of Cdr. Frank Earnest, prescented Camp Cdr. Ed Whitley with the Virginia Division Guardianship Award.

Cdr. Frank assisted Ed by presenting 2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis with the Virginia Division Meritorious Award


May 7, 2022:  Glorious Day For Our Monument!  Flag Poles Erected!
Pictures Courtesy of Volpe Boykin


April 12, 2022:  Business Meeting

Commander Ed Whitley decided that on April 12 that we would not have a guest speaker, but instead, conduct a business meeting. Topics included the Camp's ad to be run in the
Smithfield Times, and issues to be determined at the upcoming Virginia Division Convention such as ammendmends and the nominated slate of officers. Everyone was given the
opportunity to give input and to ask questions.


March 8, 2022:  Mathew Fontaine Maury (Pathfinder of the Seas)

Captain Scott Miller (USN, ret.) was our guest speaker for the evening.

Scott Miller and his son, Andrew,  They are relatives of Mathew Fontaine Maury.

Family pictures of both Admiral Mathew Fontaine Maury and his cousin Admiral William Lewis Maury, Scott's great-great Grandfather.


February 8
Ms. Sarah Jean Tippett, our guest speaker for the evening, gave a program on the Order of the Confederate Rose, so the Camp could better understand their purpose of their organization.
Then she gave a short program on how Valentine Day came to be and how it was observed in the Confederate States.


January 11, 2022:  Our 1st scheduled meeting of the year was cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.