Pictures from 2018

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December 11, 2018:  An Evening of Festivities, Feasting, Celebrations, Awards, and Inductions.
Susan Carraway was our Christmas speaker who gave a very interesting presentation by reading "A Confederate Christmas" by Rose W. Frye.

Commander Tony Griffin presented Brett Griffin (left) and Ed Whitley (right) with certificates of Meritorious Service and medals!

2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis graciously donated and presented Poinsettias to Myrna Sharon and Joan Jones for all the support they provide the Avengers Camp throughout the year.
Tommy also donated a Norfolk Pine for our monthly door prize.

1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas was nominated for the position of Camp Historian, then elected by the membership, and inducted by Camp Cdr. Tony Griffin.  The Brigade Commander
then called upon the Camp's new slate of officers to be inducted for the new term.  From left to right--Richard Jenkins, 2nd Lt. Cdr.; Brett Griffin, Color Sgt.; Tommy Davis, 2nd Lt. Cdr.;
Tony Griffin, Adjutant, Clarence E. "Ed" Whitley, Commander; Raymond Groves, 1st Lt. Cdr.; Tom Conley, Chaplain; and David Cockes, Librarian.
Congratulations to one and all!

Tony Griffin officially passed the Camp's gavel to Ed Whitley after a full decade of service to the Avengers as our Commander!

Keith Morris had the distinct honor of presenting Tony with a plaque commenorating Tony's 10 years of service.
It was impossible to list the Commander's many achievements.

2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis surprised the entire Camp by presenting a most generous check to the outgoing Commander to be applied to the Camp's Building Fund.
The gift is very much needed, and was gratefully accepted.  Tommy's spirit is so contagious!

Ed Whitley addressed the membership to thank them for electing him Camp Commander.  He commented on Tony's long tenure, and his example to follow.
For the first time, Commander Whitley closed a Camp meeting!


December 8, 2018:  Camp Cdr.-elect Ed Whitley, Past Cdr. Keith Morris, and 1st Brigade Cdr. Tommy Thomas (all of the Isle of Wight Avengers Camp) visited the
casement at Fort Monroe where President Jefferson Davis was imprisoned after the Late Struggle.  Ladies of the Bethel Chapter, U.D.C., were
Charlene Mullins (who portrayed Mrs. Varina Davis), Chapter Pres. Christine Gergely, and Elaine Campbell.


The 1st Brigade, Virginia Division, SCV held a meeting on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the Carrsville Ruritan Club.  We were so proud that so many Avengers showe up to share ideas with other Camps as well as the Division Commander, Johnny Neville.  Shown from left to right are Commander-elect Ed Whitley, Commander Tony Griffin, Color Sgt. Bret Griffin,
1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas (also an Avenger), Brennan Thomas, past Commander Keith Morris, and in front, Peggy Thomas.


November 13, 2018
Col. Peter Underwood, USMC (ret.), gave a very inciteful presentation on Gen. George McClellan's actions during the Peninsula Campain in 1862.  He did not concentrate on
he exececuted his strategy, but rather why the General moved the Army of the Potomac moved so slowly and methodically, all the while gathering still more troops and supplies.  
As references, he explained how McClellan served on Winfiield Scott's staff during the Mexican War, and learned lessons from the Croatian War.  McClellan was trained as an
engineer, and continually overestimated the strength of the Confederate forces.


October 2, 2018
Compatriot Lindsey Jones gave a most interesting slide show presentation about Cotton Clads and Rams which were ships protected in a unique way that most of us had never heard of.
As he talked about particular ships, he showed historical pictures of each of them.

Commander Tony Griffin presented Chaplain Tom Conley with his Virginia Division Life Membership Certificate.

Commander Griffin also presented Carl Cuthrell with his Avengers Camp membership Certificate. Carl is a past Division Adjutant.
Past Commander Keith Morris paid tribute to Past Commander in Chief Denne Sweeney (2004-2006) who passed away earlier this year. Denne's example of never refusing
a higher office urged all compatriots to work for their camps to the best of their abilities. He even appointed Keith as the Chairman of the National Recruiting and Retention Committee.


September 26, 2018
As you already know, the Avengers had to cancel the September meeting due to ongoing renovations at the Ruritan Club. The renovations are far from complete. Rather than cancelling yet another meeting, our October 2 meeting will be held at the Isle of Wight Ruritan building which is at 17011 Courthouse Hwy ( RT258) Isle of Wight, Virginia 23487. It is within sight of the Confederate Monument (above). Commander Griffin took pictures today of the interior of the Carrollton club house to illustrate the progress of the work being done.
June 6, 2018
Brooke Cousins is the Camp's 2018 scholarship recipient.  During last night's Camp meeting, Brooke was attending graduation ceremonies at the
Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk so special arrangements were made for the scholarship presentation today.
She is a recent graduate of Smithfield High School. Brooke also received a scholarship from
Goucher College in Baltimore where she will continue her studies in dance and ballet.
Brooke with her parents, Mike and Teresa
Keith Morris and Ed Whitley presented the check to Brooke.


June 5, 2018
2nd Lt. Cdr. Tommy Davis arrived at the club house well before our meeting. He brought 2 cherry cakes for our buffet as well as a 1st National Flag for our raffle.
Tommy has had a lot of medical problems over the past few months and simply did not feel up to staying for the meeting. We thank him for thinking of us even though he couldn't stay.

Keith Morris was our speaker for the evening. He spoke about the Virginia flag of 1861 and the flag currently in use today which was adopted by the General Assembly in 1950. He also spoke about the salute to the flag of Virginia (written by Cassye Gravely), and its possible meanings and origins. It was adopted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy at least by 1946, and adopted by the General Assembly in 1954.


May 1, 2018

William J. "Bill" Graham, III was our guest speaker this evening.  Bill is the Virginia Division Treasurer.  He dressed in the role of his ancestor, Dr. Van Lear, and spoke in the 1st person about him.
Commander Graham then presented a slide show about "Johnson's Island Prison Camp for Confederates" and received a well deserved round of applause.

The Avengers Camp currently has 3 active members serving on the Virginia Division Execution Council (DEC).  With the Division Treasurer attending our meeting tonight,
there were 4 DEC members present--almost enough for a quorem!
From left to right are 1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas, Treasurer Bill Graham, past Division Commander Tony Griffin who will hold a seat
for the next 4 years, and Quartermaster Keith Morris.

Commander Tony Griffin presented Division Certificates to Camp members.

Tommy Thomas received a Guardianship Award.

Brett Griffin received an Honor Guard Award.

Keith Morris received a Distinguished Service Award.


April 3, 2018
Camp Commander Tony Griffin has also been serving as the Virginia Division Commander for the past 2 years.
A new Division Commander will be elected at the Convention in Roanoke April 20 - 21.
Tonight's meeting would be his last opportunity to wear the symbol of his office at his Camp's meeting.
1st Brigade Commander, Hal Hartley, was our guest speaker.  He talked about Camp activities throughout the Brigade.


March 6, 2018
Mrs. Katheryne Hamilton spoke to the Camp about the "Maroons of the Dismal Swamp" where people lived from the 1600s until after the War. .




February 6, 2018
Commander Tony Griffin used our meeting time to conduct a business meeting.  He discussed all current issues, and answered all quesions, concerns, and suggestions from the Camp membership


There was no Camp meeting on January 2, 2018 because of the extreme cold and no heat in the club house.